MacLaren Stadium

MacLaren Stadium in Levittown, New York, was once a bustling sports arena that saw a multitude of games, matches, and events over its 45-year lifespan. With a capacity of 10,000 seats, it was a focal point for the community, hosting everything from high school football games to professional soccer matches. Although the stadium has been long gone, it remains a significant part of the area’s history and culture.

The stadium was built in 1950, in the heart of the then-newly established Levittown. George MacLaren, a well-known businessman and philanthropist, was instrumental in funding the construction of the stadium. It was named in his honor, and he remained a prominent supporter of the stadium and its events throughout its life. Don’t forget to check out Levittown Lanes, too.

One of the primary tenants of the stadium was the Long Island University football team. The team had previously played at a smaller field in Brooklyn, but MacLaren Stadium offered a larger and more modern venue for their games. The stadium quickly became a popular destination for football fans, and many memorable games were played there over the years.

In addition to football, MacLaren Stadium was also home to the Long Island Rough Riders, a professional soccer team. The team played in the United Soccer League and was a staple of the Long Island sports scene for many years. The stadium also hosted other sporting events, such as track and field meets and lacrosse games.

Over time, however, the stadium’s popularity began to wane. As newer, larger arenas were built in the region, MacLaren Stadium began to lose its appeal. In 1993, the stadium was sold due to financial difficulties, and two years later, it was demolished to make way for a Home Depot store.

Despite its demolition, MacLaren Stadium remains an important part of the history of Levittown and Long Island. It was a symbol of the community’s spirit and a gathering place for generations of sports fans. Today, the site of the former stadium is a reminder of the past, but its legacy lives on through the memories of those who experienced its many events and games. If you are in need of a swimming pool contractor, click here.

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